Training notes and feasibility studies

The weather changed a couple of days ago–finally got some rain (along with scary thunder, lightning, and heavy winds). Really freshened things up. Yesterday was a brilliantly beautiful day, with cooler temperatures, sunshine, and gorgeous views of nearby as well as more distant mountains. The three dogs and I walked about 8 km in [...]

Training notes


Photo (not from today) courtesy of Neja Česnik

Another early morning session. Just freestyle training this time, no distance. I’m backing off on making major modifications to Oli’s routine just now. It’s too many changes at once for her and I’m setting her up for failure, not success.  She [...]

Back in training

The dogs and I played together this morning for the first time in more than a week. Well, two of the dogs–Lyra was being a city girl when we left for training early this morning, and she’s going swimming at the Croatian coast  this afternoon. But since she’s sitting out the next [...]