I enjoy teaching others what I’ve learned. Since taking up the sport in 2007, I’ve led more than 30 seminars and courses in Slovenia and other countries.


There are several options available if you would like to train under my guidance:

1. One- or two-day seminars

Seminars are a good way to become acquainted with the basics of the sport if you are a newcomer, or to improve specific skills in distance and/or freestyle if you are already an experienced competitor. Groups are kept small, with places usually limited to eight dogs maximum. The content of the seminar varies depending on the background and needs of participants and their dogs, but usually involves some theory and demonstrations, group throwing sessions without dogs, and individual training sessions with the dogs.


Seminars take place at a field near my home in the Slovenian Karst (southwestern Slovenia, close to the Italian border)…


…or I can arrange to come to your club.



The cost per day for seminars at my home is €30 per team, €20 for a second dog (or you can pay for one dog and have a single session with each one), 10€ for participants without a dog (auditing and throwing practice). Members of ŠD Flipsi receive a discount, and a portion of the proceeds is donated to the club, to help promote the sport in this country and assist Slovenian players with the costs of competing internationally.



The cost of seminars at other locations may run a bit more, to cover travel costs.

If the group is large, I work together with other instructors from ŠD Flipsi who have teaching and dog training experience so that each participant receives sufficient individual attention.




2. Courses

Courses meet once or twice weekly, usually for two hours at a time–one hour of group throwing practice, and one hour of individual training with dogs.


My training field, or at your club


Variable depending on travel costs and field rental, but usually from €100-150 for a 20-hour course.  Again, members of ŠD Flipsi receive a discount, and a portion of the course fees are donated to the club.


3. Private lessons

If your schedule makes it difficult to attend a seminar or course, or if maybe your dog doesn’t work well in a group yet, you can arrange to have private lessons. Stop by for a couple of hours after work, or make a fun day trip out of it–play some frisbee, go for a walk along the numerous local trails, take a scenic drive along the wine road, stop  for a meal at a local inn or farm. The Karst is a beautiful place to explore.


My training field


€30 for a two-hour session, €10 for each additional hour or portion thereof



To keep adding to my knowledge, I attend 2-3 seminars and camps abroad each year. To date, I’ve learned various aspects of the sport (throwing skills, dog training and conditioning, developing a freestyle routine, judging, etc.) from the following people, from Europe, the USA, and Japan:

  • Karin Actun
  • Sabine and Marcus Wolff
  • Czech players (Jakub Stybr, Lucka Schonova, Veronika and Marketa Urbaškova, Miša Androva, and others)
  • Bryan Lamky
  • Melissa Heeter
  • Yachi and Shaun Hirai
  • Ron Watson
  • Laura Moretz
  • Julia Zimmermann
  • Matteo Gaddoni
  • Lawrence Frederick

Whatever I learn myself, from attending formal seminars as well as in the course of training and competing  with my own three dogs, and working with many different people and dogs over the years, I pass on to you, my students.